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Aug 26


I’m writing this on the Ferry over to Victoria just to create a quick recap (in pictures) of the Edmonton to Victoria leg of our trip.


We drove out of Edmonton two mornings ago in our touring van: Vanessa.


We said a fond farewell to our host in Edmonton, Lois Pawl, as she loaded us up with extras and treats as she had during our entire stay (three or four french toast breakfasts during the two weeks we were with her!).  We bid farewell also to Caesar the Greyhound.


After almost heading towards Calgary by mistake, we righted our course and beelined for Jasper National Park.



Ramona was overjoyed.

Jasper National Park


We continued through, stopping constantly to see the sights, including…


The Athabasca Falls


IMG_0907 IMG_0911










Mount Kitchener


Jasper National Park


The Athabasca Glacier (that’s it in background)




And then, we finally arrived at our campsite and Ramona set up our magic tent that only takes two minutes to set up (including pegging down the two cables on the side), and two minutes to fold up… and can be done by one person.

Jasper National Park


We had an amazing campsite.


I’ll post more later.  I don’t have  access to the other photos right now.

Aug 22

Seventh Show – Closing Edmonton

We had our last show tonight at 22:00.


I’d hustled my ass off all afternoon to do whatever I could to boost our audience numbers.  I wanted to go out on a high note.


So we had 52 people in the audience tonight (I calculate that there were supposed to be 56, but four people must have bought tickets and were late.  There was one walkout, but he’d been checking his phone.


I spent probably about 5 – 6 hours flyering this afternoon, specifically to get a younger, noisier crowd.  Did get younger (some mother came with her 9 year-old!).  Still got very quiet.


Josiah again said that he felt they were listening; which seems true.  I had no sleepers that I could see.  But they were very unresponsive, although they laughed at some of the jokes.


Anyway, we loaded out tonight, and are spending one more day fringeing (or at least, I am: Ramona needs to take Vanessa the Van in for a checkup tomorrow).  After that, there’s a party tomorrow night at 20:30, and then we’re off bright and early on Monday for Victoria (but first, camping near the Ice Fields in Jasper!).


A great note to leave Edmonton on!