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May 16

Summer and a Long Time Coming

It’s been a while since I wrote a purely personal update, so I felt I ought to write at least a quick one. Of course, I’ll still throw a bit of Theatre stuff in because so much of my life is Theatre, but I’ll try to save the weightier content for other posts.


I’ve spent a lot of time waiting this month, which means a lot of time in my office in front of my main computer, so for this afternoon, I’ve decided to move up to the Tatami room on what may be one of the few days of the year it’s comfortable to do so. I’ve got my second hand iPhone (functioning as a music player using iSub client and Subsonic server) hooked up to the surround system playing (what else) Leonard Cohen. The sudare-filtered light and air is coming in. A large stuffed gorilla sits in the Golden Corner, and I’m working off my old X60s with the dead battery. Or hell, why don’t I just show you:




Damn, I love this rickety old house.


So, status: I’m moving closer on everything. There are lights at the ends of the various tunnels of current life, art, and work goals. I’ve got four or five things that I’m ready to launch into action on… but I can’t. I should just enjoy the limbo time, I guess, and play computer games or something, but with everything pending, I don’t feel like this is the time to switch off. What’s killing me is the waiting. And what’s killing me is that it’s all no one’s fault. There’s no one to push. The people who need pushing are at two to three removes away from me, and in one case, there’s no one to push at all. Unless its possible to push nature or the changing of the seasons, and frankly, if I was pushing the seasons, I’d be pushing the opposite way: today is the first day of summer by my method of reckoning.


How do I measure the beginning of summer? Well, it’s either the first day of the year that the air temperature goes over 25 degrees, or the first day I get a thick glaze of sweat from walking from the station to my house. As I said, that day is today. There is a nice cool wind, though, which is why I can work in the Tatami room.


Two other things I’m waiting on: a new cell phone and an air conditioner for said Tatami room, which should make the room usable for the entire year. At the moment, the Tatami room is usable during the two weeks of Yokohama “spring” and the maybe four weeks of Yokohama “autumn”, but during the long, sweaty summer and the nut-scrunching winter it becomes only usable for short periods or with enhancements (loads of blankets, several glasses of ice water, an expensive radiant heater, etc.).


The problem with summer is no matter how nice a breeze is blowing through the room (it is nice and breezy), I sweat profusely wherever my body comes into contact with anything (a table, the floor, my seat, my own hand, etc.). The problem with winter is that no matter how many blankets I pile on or no matter how many thousands of yen worth of electricity I spend heating myself, the air in the room ends up turning my fingers and toes numb. A proper A/C unit that actually cools or heats the air will make a huge difference in whether or not this room is usable on a more regular basis.


So yeah, everything’s moving, but at a glacial pace. I’ve had enough of being a dreamer for the time being: let me be a man of action for a while.


(Speaking of glacial movements and taking action, this is probably the final week or so, unless we hit another roadblock, to become a YTG “Founding Sponsor”. Take action and sponsor the long-time coming NPO incorporation by ::CLICKING HERE:: )

Jul 22

Another Week Slips By

Another week slips by, and with it another chance to sign our renovation contract.  I’m pulling some real yuppie shit here right now and I’m writing this in a Starbucks in central Tokyo where I’ve taken refuge from a stinking hot day.


I haven’t kept up with this blog at all, but here are the significant details of the past 7 – 10 days:


  1. My friend Dave Waddington came by to look at the house last Wednesday and give me advice on how best to do the items of maintenance that need to be done.  The first priority is the metal holding up the ‘front yard’.  With Dave’s help, I will scrape off the rust, treat it with rust proofing, and repaint it.
  2. Other items that need to be done, some of which will require Dave’s help to choose the right supplies: re-painting the ageing wood on the window shades, re-caulking a good chunk of the siding, and scraping the green mould off the roof tiles
  3. The price on the tile bathroom is nearly 400,000 more than the unit bath, and that’s without the water heater.  So no go on that.
  4. We visited show rooms with URBAN, and decided on a more expensive unit bath from Noritz anyway (sigh).  Despite the bath being 20 litres smaller than the TOTO, it has cut-outs on the side that make it possible for me to sit much more comfortably without having to necessarily keep my knees together and up.  We’re still waiting for the quotation, but the comfort level is so different, we’re considering that a difference of between 100,000 and 200,000 Yen from the TOTO price would be acceptable.  Gulp!
  5. We’re waffling on the washstand (powder room sink) as well.  The one in the quotation is cheap and tiny and short.  Also, ugly.  So my wife has proposed a different one and we’re waiting on that quotation as well.
  6. We were supposed to sign the contract for the renovations last week, but the bathroom stuff held us up (Kitchen is decided and quoted).  The plan now is to sign the contract this weekend.  This means the move-in date is now pushed to late September, meaning that we’re paying for two residences until then.  Sigh.