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Aug 17

The Mountain Man Visits The Fringe

So last night, we’re sitting in the Academy at King Edward (our venue as well) watching a show called Seeking.  The show is a little into its first scene when suddenly there’s this banging on the door.


“What ho?” we all think, or rather, we don’t, because people don’t think words like that, and especially not all at the same time, but you get the idea, which is startlement and surprise and “is it part of the show”?


No.  It’s not part of the show.  It’s some crazy ass fringer and his girlfriend who got lost and arrived late, and are now trying to get in by any means necessary.


The door is opened slightly to stop the pounding and a mountain man pushes his way in with his girlfriend.


“Do you want a war?” he asks Josiah, one of the venue’s techs, “Because I love a war.”


Josiah decides (rightly, as it turns out, because this mofo is built like a goddamn smokehouse) that discretion is the better part of valour, and the man stomps heavily into the audience.


This is when we see him, and we all decide discretion, etc. because this mofo, etc.


He complains loudly (we can hear the alcohol on his breath) that he JUST WANTS TO SIT DOWN AND WATCH THE SHOW.  So sit down.  CAN’T I JUST SIT DOWN AND WATCH THE SHOW I PAID FOR.  All right.  Sit down.  I WANT TO SIT—well, you get the picture.


He finally sits down.


Someone onstage cracks a joke, and the show continues, albeit with tension a little thick in the air.


The cast of Seeking handles it like the pros they are, and the audience makes a concerted effort to enjoy it.


It’s a good show.


Afterwards, we pass three burly security guys on the way out the door, waiting for Mountain Man.  We get in Vanessa (our vehicle) and I suggest to Ramona that we wait for the cast to come out, worried that they’ll be frazzled, and might want to hear some words about what pros they were.  Because frankly, I think I’d like some positive feedback if I’d had to deal with that.


While we’re waiting, Mountain Man is encouraged out of the venue and starts talking nonsense to the security guys.  It looks like this might blow up, so we agree to boot it rather than stay seated (as duck) where we are.  As we drive away, we hear Mountain Man talk about how he’s “ON YOUR SIDE”.


Apparently, after we left, he went on about how he fought against demons and such.


Glad we missed that.


Anyway, interesting night.Mountain_Man