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Aug 26


I’m writing this on the Ferry over to Victoria just to create a quick recap (in pictures) of the Edmonton to Victoria leg of our trip.


We drove out of Edmonton two mornings ago in our touring van: Vanessa.


We said a fond farewell to our host in Edmonton, Lois Pawl, as she loaded us up with extras and treats as she had during our entire stay (three or four french toast breakfasts during the two weeks we were with her!).  We bid farewell also to Caesar the Greyhound.


After almost heading towards Calgary by mistake, we righted our course and beelined for Jasper National Park.



Ramona was overjoyed.

Jasper National Park


We continued through, stopping constantly to see the sights, including…


The Athabasca Falls


IMG_0907 IMG_0911










Mount Kitchener


Jasper National Park


The Athabasca Glacier (that’s it in background)




And then, we finally arrived at our campsite and Ramona set up our magic tent that only takes two minutes to set up (including pegging down the two cables on the side), and two minutes to fold up… and can be done by one person.

Jasper National Park


We had an amazing campsite.


I’ll post more later.  I don’t have  access to the other photos right now.

Jun 26

39 – Show Diaries – Show 4

Only one sound cue glitch in this show.  This was also the show my family (mother, father, aunt, uncle, cousin, cousin’s wife) came to.  My good friend and scholar-about-town Jeff Orchard also managed to bus himself in to see me perform.


It was our biggest house so far tonight at 25 people.  Two more shows like this, and we’ll crack 100—30% of what we needed to break even on this leg of the tour (and that was before the extra-budgetal began to add up).  Yippee!


I’ve been paying attention to my reviews, which I felt were overwhelming positive and constructive.  London really earns its reputation as a friendly place to try new shows out in.  I’ve taken some of the criticisms on board, and played with how I do the show.  I think the show I performed tonight was the better for it: more nuanced.


I had three sleepers though, which seems to be about par.  I wonder if the other one-person shows have this problem or if it’s something specific about mine?  This is the kind of thing that makes one worry that one is not a compelling performer.  (Yes, I’m insecure: I think it goes with the territory.)


After the performance, we all proceeded to dinner at a nearby restaurant: cast, crew, family, and scholar-about-town.


We said goodbye in the parking lot behind The Grand Theatre, and hopped into our cars.  Fatefully, I decided to go back to the Farm with my parents rather than return to Toronto for the night with Ramona and Jordan.


My family was about ten kilometers out from Woodstock, Ontario, when my phone rang.  It was Ramona.  The touring van (dubbed ‘Van’essa) had broken down just outside of Woodstock.  The engine had just stopped and the electrical system shut off.


Long story short: Ramona’s brother-in-law will drive in from Toronto to pick them up and use his CAA card to get them a tow.  Another family member says that it sounds like the battery has just bitten the dust and it should just be a replacement, which should be able to be done in the morning.  I really hope so.  We’d just found a stagehand to fill in for Jordon on the Saturday and Sunday shows, and losing our transportation now would really just be kicking as we’re starting to get up.


We need to rehearse the new technician in, but luckily tomorrow (June 26) is a late show.  So we won’t get to see anyone else’s shows tomorrow, but we should at least be able to rehearse and then make it in to perform… provided that Vanessa isn’t terminally stricken.


What a night.  I will sleep now… because ONE of us needs to be awake tomorrow.

Jun 22

39 – Show Diaries – The Team

A brief rundown of the YTG London Tour Team for 39.


Ramona Katigbak – Stage manager, production manager, driver, cook

Jordan Logronio – Stagehand, projections runner, live camera

Andrew Woolner – Performer, complainer, worry-wart