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Jul 01

Goodbye, Mother

Yesterday, my mother returned to Canada after staying with us in Yokohama for a month. We miss her already. And not just for the scads of housework that she did, but for the fact that she moved in and instantly become a part of our home. Does this sound odd? After all, she is a member of the family…

But there are some people who suck energy (for lack of a better word) from one’s home, and there are some people who inject it, and my mother is one of the latter. She would have been content to have puttered around the house doing all our house chores and only going out to do groceries, and we would have been content if she’d sat in a chair, drank tea, and demanded frequent visits to Kamakura. Her presence was uplifting.


It can be sad when guests leave, but usually their departure is accompanied with a sense of relief. When my mother waved goodbye from the bus yesterday afternoon, all I could feel was that we, my wife, Hammy, and myself, were being separated from an integral part of our household. We all had a little cry. (Well, Hammy was crying because he’d pooped himself, but still…)


Goodbye, mother; we’ll see you this winter!