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Feb 14

Wrong Resolution on Every Boot

Another blog entry that’s purely technical but exists in case the problem recurs.

Okay, so ever since I got back from Canada, my main machine, which has two dual 1680 x 1050 monitors has been defaulting to 1024×768 resolution on the primary every time it reboots. What’s weirdest is that when the login screen first comes up, it looks fine, and then seconds later it drops to low res.

A quick google search revealed that Microsoft Live Mesh Remote Desktop (a service that is actually being discontinued by Microsoft today) is the culprit. Buried in the registry (Local Machine –> Software –> Microsoft –> Live Mesh) is a key that sets the resolution for each monitor. By shutting down the Live Mesh Remote Desktop service and deleting both these keys and rebooting, I was able to fix the problem.

My conjecture is that because I was using Live Mesh desktop while in Canada with my X60s laptop (resolution 1024×768), I somehow jammed the display settings. I’ve done this before with no problems, but maybe the chances of this happening with repeated use are higher.

This shouldn’t be a problem in the future, since, as I mentioned above, Microsoft is shutting down this very useful service today.