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Dec 30

Not My Day

Safe and sound in the T-dot, thanks to Jon Vokins (and Louise Vokins for letting him come and get me).

Had a hell of time getting in– first, I realized I’d forgotten my keys. Then, when we stopped at my sister’s house to pick up hers, my Galaxy Note dropped out of my pocket and into a puddle. Then, when I picked it up, it flipped over and dropped again. Then, after I got back to the condo, I realized my suitcase was still in Mr. Vokins’s back seat moments after he pulled away. Then, I realized I didn’t have his phone number. Then, I tried to get into the apartment to get on the internet to let him know, but the key  was a dud and I spent several minutes futzing with it to get the door open.

At last, I popped open my laptop, jumped on Facebook, and sent Jon a message. He turned around and came back.


Jon Vokins, ladies and gentlemen, is a saint. This is not the only time he’s gone out of his way to be nice to people. I’m so happy that he’s got a kid, because I don’t think anyone is more qualified to be a full-time dad than him. I really hope to see him in Japan sometime in the next few years.

As he pulled his car away for the final time, Jon thoughtfully suggested to me that I not leave the house for the rest of the day, seeing as my afternoon had been pretty much a bunglefest. I resolved to follow his advice… until I saw that there was no food in the fridge.


Oh oh…