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Jan 31

Fever Dreams

We’re four days from the Yokohama Theatre Ensemble’s first showcase. Yikes. I’ve got a million things to do: memorize lines, find the flashes for my socks, buy a few props, memorize a song, create content for the show’s programme, buy the snacks for post-show party, email people directly to remind them about the showcase, send out a reminder newsletter about it, and, hell, probably five or six other things I’ve temporarily forgotten about.


I think I’ve also picked up that flu that’s going around. I’ve been headachy and nauseous since noon. I think I may be running a slight fever, and my stomach and  joints ache.


One of the things that’s been on my list for weeks, however, is a new blog entry, so I’m going to get that done right now, since there’s so much to cover. (Don’t worry, I’ll be brief: I want to hit the hay.)


We’ve had two incredible rehearsals with Tania Coke, who will be teaching the Ytheatre Physical Theatre workshop in March (this may be a one-time only thing—sign up now!). She’s helped us develop that moving screens piece that Mari and I first experimented with in December into something that involves five members of the ensemble (and in it’s final version will involve all six). It’s amazing how much easier the rehearsal is when she’s there to be our outside eye, particularly on a piece like, where my expertise is rather limited.


I’ve arranged for more outside eyes this week to help rush us into being ready for the showcase (and another show that same evening at the Yokohama Honda Gekijou! Graig Russell will be joining us tomorrow, and Nerida Rand on Thursday.


Friday is going to be a frightening night of pulling everything together, starting the set up of the space, and trying to finish early enough that we’re able to crawl back in on Saturday morning at 9:00 in order to prep tech for 14:00.


More when I have the energy again—maybe next week.