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Dec 20

On Censorship

I posted this as a comment to someone’s Facebook post, but I will duplicate it here so it isn’t lost to wall-scroll:


Censorship becomes even more nonsensical when you live in a non-English-speaking country.  You walk into these girly-girly hip stores, and they’re playing the filthiest gangsta rap, but no one cares since they don’t understand English. 


My point?  Dirty words have no inherent meaning beyond that which we give them and for someone to censor them is an infringement of my right to decide for myself whether or not something is offensive.


Of course, in Japan, you can’t show genitalia ANYWHERE, even in porno.  Apparently, seeing a porn star’s penis or vagina will SCAR YOU FOR LIFE.  On the other hand, seeing someone ripped to shreds by a machine-gun in ROBOCOP, well, that’s just COOL!