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Jun 24

39 – Show Diaries – Papering

So, on Tuesday, we finally had a chance to do some walking around to spread the word about our show before heading back to Toronto.


I’m very bad at this sort of thing.  So I just told people that they should come see my show.  It’s about space.  I wear fantastic boots in it.   That sort of thing.



Good news: I actually bumped into the woman with the skinned knees from my Monday show and was able to thank her in person!  It was Mikaela Dyke, another performer who is doing a show called Dying Hard, which we will be doing our best to see on Sunday.  That unfortunately will mean I won’t be able to keep my (non)commitment to the The Plank team, but those performers will be in Edmonton with us, so we’ll be able to see them there.


We also got to meet several other Fringe performers, including Jem Rolls, who we will also unfortunately be missing in London, but may be able to catch at one of the other Fringes.


Good friend Albert Lee came all the way from Toronto to see the show, so he snapped a few pictures (above) of us pressing the flesh, so to speak.  On the way home, while we patronized a roadside McDonalds (barf), I returned the favour: