Apr 15

Week of YTG

It’s been a busy week for YTG. Lots of promising developments, but if I am completely honest, I have to admit that’s all they were: promising. Nothing is in ink yet, and we’ve got a bunch of deadlines on the horizon.




I had my first interview with our third international intern. That went quite well, and I’m really hoping everything works out. However, even if all goes well, the internship will occur during the three hottest months of the year, so I am a bit worried that our northern European friend will melt. If his school agrees, I should be getting the paperwork quite soon, and then we can discuss dates.




On Tuesday, Mayu and I went to see a possible studio space. It was like a massive airplane hanger, but modern, insulated, and really nice. However, it was more geared towards visual artists than it was to Theatre, although the fellow who interviewed us at least seemed interested in what we do. It’s a government building, so we need to be vetted first, before we can even decide if we want the space. There’s also a few things that are unclear: whether or not we can run the Ytheatre School out of there (restrictions on access to the space); if we can have access to a big enough space to rehearse in (we were told we could rent a small space as an HQ and use one or more of the bigger spaces in the building); or if we can continue our tradition of occasional open rehearsals (the access problem again).


Also, there’s some questions about electrical outlets and such, but I’m sure those questions will be answered before we have to make our decision. The studio space question has been a monkey on our backs for a while now, so I suspect that if we get through the vetting process and the use of a larger space is included, we’ll probably go for it. Yeah, IF we get through the vetting. We went into that interview having no idea of what they were looking for from applicants, so we’ll see.




Grants! Thanks to Arts Commission Yokohama having TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WEBSITES, we didn’t find the updated grants forms until today (the Japanese version of the site linked from the English one is one year out-of-date). Deadline for the application is FRIDAY. I’m pretty sure that they’re going to require a full project budget as well as a performance date. This is going to be tight. Did I mention that all the forms are in Japanese? Whether this gets done or not is going to depend on the dedication of the Yokohama Theatre Ensemble members. Gambarou, everyone!




We’ve booked space for the final four weeks of the workshop (yay!), but only two of those weeks are currently set in stone (i.e. paperwork completed) (boo!). I was going to push Mayu to get the paperwork done this week (she’s our contact person for the Chojamachi space), but the grant stuff is going to have to take priority. So by the end of next week. Until this paperwork is done, though, I am going to be sweating bullets.




So there you have it. A lot of great things happening, a lot of promise, a bunch of deadlines, and nothing yet confirmed. That’s been my week.

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