Dec 06

Bonenkai at the GekiSalon

Went to the Gekisalon bonenkai tonight at the Yokohama (Sotetsu) Honda Gekijou.


Mari and Takahiko were there as well: Takahiko in his normal capacity as a volunteer staff member at the drinks table (and his less-normal capacity as Santa Claus), and Mari as my wingwoman.


I did less mingling than usual: I had nothing to promote this time. There is lots of big news about to break, like the launch of the school, the date of the group’s first showcase, and the launch of the new website, but the former two are delayed by the struggle to find a space, and the third by the lack of Japanese translations. So: nothing to talk about, really.


Tonight was the last gekisalon of 2011, so it cost 1000 Yen instead of 100 Yen, and there was lots of food—most of which I couldn’t eat because it had meat in it. However, I still managed to come away from the event comfortably full. We’ll disregard that a lot of that filling-up was done with bread and dessert.


All in all, an enjoyable event. I just hope I have something to pitch by the next one on January 23…

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