May 21

The First Night

Typing this on the air mattress, which turns out to be like, a queen-size.


I’m sleeping in the All Hands common room at the HQ tonight, because they didn’t want to move me over to the second set of facilities in the Evac center. Which is fine. Except they made a big-ass deal about quiet/lights out hours starting at 22:30, and it’s now 23:15 and the main gaggle have gone off to the sleeping room, while the admins continue to talk in here with lights blazing.


Given that this room is supposedly going to turn into Grand Central at 7:00, I’d really like to get some shuteye.


Also, it seems like I’m hearing a lot of drama stuff that I probably should—whoops, earthquake—should not be hearing.


Oh well, it’s the first night. I should be happy that I have a degree of privacy to write this that I likely won’t have when I move tomorrow.


First impressions of Oofunato:


  • Smelly: partly fresh, sea air (which I think I’m not a fan of), partly dust, partly sewage
  • Quiet (well, it is a small town)
  • That’s it so far: I arrived in the dark

First impressions of the group:

  • A little bit immature
  • A bit catty
  • A little bit disorganized (they really need a sign down at street level; I found the building no problem, but there’s no indication until you walk up the stairs, which I was loath to do due to my heavy bags… maybe something I’ll suggest when I get to know them better)

First impression of the HQ

  • No flush toilets (washiki that’s just a hole into a sack of some sort)
  • Stinky; toilets are particularly bad
  • Definitely worse for wear
  • More amenities than I expected (I may be able to have occasional sento privileges!)

Anyway, really not looking forward to waking up all bleary-eyed with a whole bunch of volunteers eating breakfast over my head, but I figure I’ll get into the swing of things tomorrow, and once I’m installed at the other place, cheek-to-jowl with my/the comrades, these first impressions will improve.


I’m really looking forward to it.


Maybe if I pretend to sleep now, they’ll be quiet and turn out the lights…

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