Jun 24

A Week? What?

So I’ve been banished from my beloved (and over-taxed) Galaxy Note for a week while the USB port gets repaired, and I’m having to put up with the loaner phone, a Sharp Aqueos (SH-04E). Aside from the POTA of having to spend a couple of hours just to get the basics set up to my taste (two Gmail accounts, both with 2-step auth, while on the road being the first hurdle), I need to handle it with kid gloves or I end up buying the goddamned thing.Sharp Aqueos

When I return it, DoCoMo will inspect it for scratches on the frame (I very nearly put one on it today when it slid out of my shirt pocket), damage to the USB port, and moisture exposure. While I hadn’t been intending to toss my loaner phone around like a baseball, I am a little miffed because they didn’t even give me a case for it!


I was lucky that the Note was accepted for service. It’s still within its warranty period, but I’d rooted it, and I spent part of Sunday unrooting the device and resetting the flash counter to 0. Even with a factory wipe on top of that, I was a little nervous about being found out.

I was actually more nervous, though, about the fact that Japan is bloody humid and I’ve known those moisture stickers they have on phones these days to trigger just by being in my pocket on a muggy August day (happened to a battery I had). Also about the fact that I dropped it twice this month and put some serious scratches on it. Yeah, it fell on the corners where my case doesn’t protect it if it’s open.


So yeah, basically just disappointed that I have to wait a week to get it back. Last time I had a hardware issue, they just replaced the phone, but I guess that stocks are getting depleted.


  1. Eido INOUE

    So how do you like the Aquos? As least it’s water/shock resistant (but not scratch resistant).
    I have the earlier Zeta (SH-02E).

  2. Andrew

    Glad it’s shock resistant; I’ve already dropped it twice! Why wouldn’t the loaner phone be something more ruggedized, though? Or does only AU have the superphones.

    I actually kind of like the Aquos. I’m leery of anything made by Sharp, as I’ve had tonnes of Sharp products break down on me since moving to Japan, including my first ketai. But it’s a decent phone, and it’s running Jelly Bean, which I will miss somewhat when I go back to my Note. (I run stock DoCoMo firmware (rooted) to avoid problems with text messaging and a few other things so only ICS for me, sadly.)

    So far, the phone is quite snappy, but that might just be because I haven’t really pushed it at all.

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