Apr 09

TV Interviews and Other Creatures

On Tuesday, Yuko Aotani from NHK World Newsline, her producer, and crew met with myself and the other Journalism Wall of Shame editors at OUR SPACE in Hatagaya.  Jack and Shinji, the men behind OUR SPACE, were very accommodating, as always, and made sure that all the technical needs were met.


Some volunteer editors have now joined the Wall of Shame project, and are helping me create an edited version of the wall. Rather than edit the submissions page, which I am now calling the Raw Feed, we’ve decided to leave that as it is, with minimal editorial oversight, and create an edited page, which will be easier to read and have a more standardized format.

NHK World filmed us as I walked through a how-to-edit tutorial for the others, and then they filmed while Aotani-san had a conversation with us.  (In English: for those of you who aren’t aware, NHK is the the national broadcaster, but NHK World is the English-language cable news channel.)


Then, on Thursday, I let the same crew into my house to film me working on the wall and to interview me. I spent Wednesday day and Thursday morning cleaning the house.  Aotani-san and the crew arrived at about ten after one, and decided to shoot me working on the wall in my downstairs home office, and then shoot the interview upstairs in the tatami room.


It took almost four hours to do, including filming me greeting Aotani-san at the door (which we filmed at the end, and had one apparently hilarious outtake in which I bowed in a strange way). All this for a three-minute piece!


They did mention that a lot of the interview wouldn’t be aired (of course—even at my most succinct, the answer to one question might take me several minutes), and that it was mostly for research purposed for them so they could understand what exactly we were doing with the wall and what our longer-term goals are.


I, of course, had to confess that the wall team and myself didn’t have any at the moment, and were mostly playing it by ear.


The most frustrating part of the otherwise pleasant interview was when they asked for an example of a hard news story from a major news source with a very glaring factual error. I found a couple, but they were from non-English language media, and I couldn’t locate an English one. I know they are on the wall, but the problem is that there are so many entries, covering so many different types of news sources (there are a lot of tabloids and ‘alternative’ news sources, and columnists make up a good chunk of the major media outlets’ entries on the Wall), it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.


But other than that, it was a very enjoyable way to spend an afternoon, and if the price ends up being that they make me look like an idiot on international television (which I don’t think they will), well, then I guess that’s the price I pay for enjoying their company.


I was busy doing wall stuff, so I took no photos while NHK World was at the house, so instead, I offer you a photo from my hanami excursion along the Oooka river last night.




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