Mar 22

Wall of Shame Needs Your Help

The next step for the bad journalism wall-of-shame is in progress.


Remember, as important as we think this is wall-of-shame project is, right now human lives are more important.  If you do nothing else today (and haven’t already), please DONATE! (<—that link will take you to a page that lists reputable groups you can donate to, based on your geographical location)


Having said that, there is work to do on the wall.  What we’re missing are articles from the first few days following the quake; if you can go looking for those and submit them, that would be great.  We’re looking for the worst offenders, particularly those from major news sources who made big factual errors (on purpose or by negligence) on things that could easily have been checked.  We missed a lot of articles because I didn’t get the idea until almost a week after the quake hit.  Remember, the point isn’t to get worked up over little mistakes, but to find generally trusted news sources who have misrepresented the facts in order make a sensational story.


We’ve got a huge information dump on the site right now, but no real editorial oversight to start filtering the worst offenders and presenting them in an easy-to-read way for the general public.  I was using a wiki originally, because I was hoping the site would evolve on its own.  Since I’ve had to lock the pages due to problems with wikispace’s seeming inability to merge multiple edits in a table, that is no longer going to be possible.


The first step is to figure out presentation and data management.  I’m working on that myself, but I would LOVE if a web developer could lend a hand.



  • To advise and implement our new front end.
  • Will need coding skills

Contact me (@stagerabbit on twitter or through this blog) for further discussion.



While that is happening, some of us need to get editing.  I have a couple of volunteers, but I need two or three more to make up the team.  You will be moving data from the current wall into the new one and/or editing entries to clean them up and make sure they are all clear and readable.



  • Good command of the English language (for now, anyway; versions in other languages are a possibility in the future)
  • Need to have reasonable availability online (e.g. Skype)
  • Comfortable with a collaborative process

Contact me (@stagerabbit on twitter or through this blog) if you’re interested in helping.


Okay, that’s it for now.  I need to get to sleep.  I will leave you with this:





Not the best photo I’ve ever taken.  But this was Sunday lunch on our balcony, and I just wanted to point out that the only significant radiation around was that coming from the big thermonuclear ball in the sky—the sun.


Not even a banana.

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  1. Kikki.K

    Hey, I can help with the editing.
    My English is great :p

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