Nov 13

The First Attempt

The Queen of the Faeries appeared before John in an explosion of butterflies and rose petals, surrounded by her honour guard of two noble Sidhe atop their Unicorns.


John was not impressed.


"Fuck you," said John, "And the unicorns you rode in on."


"John Walker," said the Queen’s emissary, a small Gnome who stood in front of the Queen and her retinue, almost toe-to-toe with John in the tiny apartment, "You are needed to help the Seelie court regain the–"


The Gnome stopped speaking, as he was flying though the air on his way to a sink full of dishes.


"JOHN WALKER!" shouted Titania, Queen of the Faeries, "You must—"


Titania, Queen of the Faeries was interrupted by the sound of her herald striking crockery.


Crash! Tinkletinkle.




This was going to be harder than she thought.


In a burst of Unicorn dander and soap bubbles, she was gone.


Thus ended the First Attempt.

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