Jun 12

Eating for Two – Playing with two characters

SHE: Could I get another egg?

HE: Another egg?

SHE: Another helping of egg, yes. And I wouldn’t say no to some more bacon.

HE: That will be your third.

SHE: Are you counting?

HE: I’m just saying.


HE: What?

SHE: You know I’m pregnant.

HE: Yeah, so?

SHE: So. I’m eating for two.

HE: You’re like eight weeks pregnant.

SHE: Yeah. So–

HE: And you’re eating for two.

SHE: Right. So–

HE: You know that number two is like, what, four centimeters and weighs like 20 grams?


HE: More egg?

SHE: Uh…

HE: That’s what I thought. Christ. Eating for two.

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