Aug 10

Mountain Crossing Music

What I’m listening to and thoughts en route from Kamloops to Edmonton by bus (as long as my laptop battery lasts anyway):


Love is Like A Bottle of Gin – The Magnetic Fields

“Love is like a bottle of gin/ but a bottle of gin is not like love.” What a great sentiment


Walking in and Out of Your Arms – k.d. lang

What a great song to have come up while crossing into Alberta!


Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance – Bob Dylan

Was too busy writing the other entries to pay much attention.


Suil A Gra – Anita Best and someone the player won’t tell me.

Jetlag is creeping back in. I couldn’t sleep at all last night, and then slept almost all five hours between Vancouver and Kamloops, and it (the jetlag) keeps threatening to put me to sleep again. But I want to be able to sleep tonight, so I’m fighting it.


Come to The Bower – Shane McGowan and the Popes

We pass through a hallway of forest as Shane McGowan sings this Irish classic through his beautifully broken mouth. We’re out of the deforested hills now, and the green mountains are stunning, and incredibly not reminiscent of Japan.


Doctor Who Closing Theme (80s) –

We’re crawling into a city. Another stop? Since Kamloops, people get off but not on. Hopefully, that trend continues and I get to keep my double seat.


Intentional Heartache – Dwight Yoakam

I love how the Gas and Grocery places here have Canadian flags on their signs… as if there’s any doubt as to where we are. This song is a real head-nodder. We’ve stopped and someone’s getting on. She’s cute. The Shell lady comes out and the bus driver gives her what looks like a stack of magazines or newspapers from the cargo area under the bus. I feel like we’re a stagecoach. This song has a great ending.


The Last Time I Saw Richard – Joni Mitchell

This song has a hell of a long intro. I’ve eaten one of the sandwiches that Mademoiselle/Madame Tardif made for me. She packed me enough for two meals, which was good. Our bus was running late, so we didn’t get our 40 minute lunch stop in Kamloops. Only enough time to pee and buy a Coke Zero from the machine. The next stop (25 minutes, I think) isn’t until 21:00 or so, so I’m surviving on her kindness.

It makes me think of those fairy stories with the young man seeking his fortune, and the lunch he carries from his mother or his fairy godmother or whatever ends up becoming important to the story. Maybe it saves him from starvation, or maybe there’s some magic inside it. I had such a great two days with her and her boyfriend Kevin that that’s how I feel about it.


Every Drop of Rain – Chris De Burgh

Song about the sea, while I’m far from it. Wow, I always forget how smooth and pleasant early Chris De Burgh is. This guy was really good before he started singing about ladies in red.


Queen of the Savages – The Magnetic Fields

Spending time with Kevin and Andree (Tardif) was almost like going home to an alternate reality. They were not only absolutely perfect hosts, but I felt like an adopted child. Maybe it’s because of all the time that Andree spends with children (she’s continued teaching grade one for 27 years since I was in her class)—I didn’t feel like a child again, but I felt like someone’s child.


Bad Weather Friends – Kevin Quain

Not that I don’t with my own parents, but I think it has something to do with not having seen each other in the intervening time. Our relationship is nearly founded on a small tattered book of Quebecquois folk songs and similar shared history.


Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon – Queen

What a great, silly song! There is no god, but if there was, he ought to bless Freddy Mercury.


Too Many Dicks – Flight of the Conchords

“Five to one is a rodeo.”


Goodbye Old Girl – Richard Adler and Jerry Ross (Damn Yankees)

A surprisingly appropriate song as we turn a mountain corner and the under-the-window based air conditioning blows on my cheek and the punk with the Mohawk in the seat behind me strums his unplugged electric guitar.

“…Our love will keep, old girl, ‘til then.”

The song climaxes as we pull through Vavenby Another pickup?


So Spricht Das Leiben – Mediaeval Baebes

Yep. Right in front of the vintage Pepsi Cola sign and the lottery ticket centre. I discovered yesterday that one of the Baebes’ songs was one that Andree Tardif had taught me in grade one! I’d even played it at my wedding reception! No wonder I’d liked it so much. Or maybe it was another paper dropoff, because no one got on.


Battle Music from Candide – Leonard Bernstein

It’s the martial music that we hear in the Overture as well. What a great musical!

Where Teardrops Fall – Bob Dylan

I’ll have to stop writing soon—this battery is pretty wimpy, and I don’t want to kill it by totally discharging it. The battery in my tablet died yesterday morning. Something tripped the protective circuit, and I had to order a new one… so instead of using the tablet and getting almost four hours of typing, I’m using the X60s, which I brought to run the projections for 39, and has never really had much juice. Still kicking myself for not bringing the smaller capacity backup battery for the tablet, though.


And then the power on the mini-laptop dropped below the safe area.

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