Aug 06

On the Road Again

Well, I’m sitting in Narita airport, at my gate, just shy of two hours before boarding.


I’m flying JAL this time, which isn’t so bad (they have a great Japanese lime drink that they serve), but I mislike Narita’s Terminal two.


One: it’s too hot.  I’m dressed in cotton for my flight, and I’m overheating!


Two: the gates are dumb.  At least this time I’m not in the section of the terminal you have to take a shitty little train to.  Which always struck me as weird, because some of the other gates, for instance the gate I’m at now, are equally far out, so why not at least have an open pedestrian walkway for those of us who don’t want to have the Japanese subway experience at the airport.


Then, the gates are down at the arrivals level, which means a long flight of stairs.  Which is fine.  Except that the toilets are on the upper level.  For a passenger traveling alone, that means hauling hand luggage up and down.


Three: the souvenir shops are tiny and cramped.  The Tiffany’s and Hermes and all of those shops are huge, and open, and empty, but the souvenir shops are not, and they are crammed with people.  Also, the selection in Terminal 2 sucks.  I wanted to buy a Hachimaki for a friend’s son, and they didn’t even have any!  At a souvenir store in the airport?  As the French would say: Quoi le fuck?


In any case, I’m looking forward to getting back on the road with this show.  I need to do some serious line running, as the four or five weeks I’ve had away from the show (with only two long rehearsals to break it up) have broken my confidence (such as it was) with the lines.


It’s so damn amateur to read actors go on about lines.  Lines are something that are supposed to just happen at this level, but I’ll be frank and say that I’ve always had a memory like a… what do you call those things… metal… with the holes… oh, goddamn it.


Bloody hell!  How many times are they going to check my frigging passport?  Apart from all the regular checks: insurance counter, check-in machine, luggage check-in, security, immigration, and when boarding the aircraft, they’ve started checking at the upstairs entry to the gate area (and presumably, if I use the toilet, I will have to show it to get back in again).  As if that isn’t bad enough, they just checked my passport again while I was just sitting here minding my own business.  What’s next?  Passport scanners on the toilets to make sure the craps we take are authorized.


Wow.  I talk about doing Theatre, but these airplane people are true experts.  At Security Theatre, that is.  Maybe they should tour the Fringe next year instead of me.  The whole show can consist of being checked, searched, questioned, and probed to get into the Theatre, and by the time you’re in, the show is over.


Actually, that’s not a bad idea for a show.  Except who would pay to be treated like that outside of an airport setting?


Nyug.  I’ve been feeling nauseous since the cab ride from the house (lots of narrow streets and twists and turns while I checked my bags for 忘れ物 (shit I forgot)), and I really can’t shake it.  Hope this doesn’t last onto the plane.  I would blame lack of sleep, but with 5 hours under my belt from last night, I got more than usual.  I’ve only once come close to losing my cookies (tossing my lunch) on the airplane, and I really don’t want to repeat that experience.


Oh well.  So the point is that I’m back on the road with 39.  And while I will definitely miss Japan (my home), and my wife, I am really looking forward to really do some serious Fringing this time, unhindered by social, production, or family obligations.



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