Jun 25

Character Profile: Clancy

Another cut character, poor Clancy didn’t even make it into the Yokohama show (though we did create a totally movement-based scene with him, and just couldn’t wedge it in).  But the old boy is still rattling around in my head, and despite the fact that he didn’t even get a mention in either of the two versions of the show, he is very dear to my heart, and he is still part of the story.


Here then, is the character description I prepared for Kim and Bridget (the director and production designer, respectively):


Clancy was born and raised on a working family farm in rural Manitoba.  Always an overachiever, he became an Olympic athlete at the age of 17, coming fourth in his weight class in Judo.

Fall, that same year, he lost both his legs below the knee in a tractor accident while working on a neighbour’s harvest.

There had been a recent advance in prosthetics, and Clancy’s family and community raised the money necessary to get these for him.

However, he was banned from competing in the next Olympics as his prosthetics were considered to be an unfair advantage.

The next two years were very dark.  Clancy worked only farm jobs and developed a dependence on alcohol.  He started moving around, because he began to burn too many bridges in his own community.  And then he started torching any bridges that were even under construction, wherever he went.

One night, while talking with a stranger in a bar about the best way to just get away permanently, the other man joked about becoming an astronaut, commenting, "but those guys are like Olympic athletes or something."

The next day, Clancy didn’t get drunk, and instead started training for the Space program.  As soon as the applications for Colony I opened up, he applied.

He places 7th in the Astronaut cohort (he had trouble with the classroom elements), but is passed up for the mission (Jarhead goes instead) due to the concern that his prosthetics will malfunction during the 6-year journey or later on the colony world.

Although Clancy is offered another orbital job, as are all the astronauts who don’t make the cut, he turns it down.  He does not attend graduation.

On 39’s return 39 years later, Clancy has replaced his entire body with prosthetics and is now totally post-human.  He can no longer even speak, but communicates through complicated movement.

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