Jun 25

Deleted Scene – The Waste of Space

This is the scene from the Yokohama version of the show in which Ms. Umqhat revealed herself to be an avatar for The Waste of Space.  Yes, the odd punctuation is deliberate.


Umqhat’s office


39 is here with Umqhat.

39:     And that’s when they kicked me out.

UMQHAT:     Shame.

39:     Is it? Look, you said something about going back into space.

UMQHAT:     On the orbital habitats?

39:     Deep space, you said. Don’t play coy.

UMQHAT:     I am putting together a mission.

39:     You? You’re the one who told me people were completely uninterested in space travel. How can you say that about people in general terms, and then exclude yourself? You’re people!

UMQHAT:     Not exactly.

Umqhat begins twisting her body and moving in strange shapes.



WASTE OF SPACE: She is, the avatar, a personality splinter of one of the AIs.

This AI is currently occupying a large, purpose-built spacecraft.

It has a name. I am called The Waste of Space.

39:     You’re a hyper-intelligent spacecraft. What do you need me for?

WASTE OF SPACE: A purpose? Fun? I’m just a bit weird that way. We all are.

In any case, we’re prepping for departure.

Umqhat returns to her normal self.


UMQHAT: So, are you in?

39: Darn tootin’.

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