Jun 25

Deleted Scene – Goodbye to Maya

Here’s a scene that was cut from the Fringe version of the show.  39 has snuck back to the 39th Luddite Micronation in order to meet his sister, and say goodbye to her for what he thinks will be forever:


The 39th Luddite Micronation. Maya’s bedroom.


39 is here, singing Spanish Ladies to his 8 year-old sister.


39: Shh! Don’t wake Mother and Father.
This used to be my room, you know.
That’s right. I’m your big brother.
It was the night of your birth I ran away
And I’ve missed you so much, and I’m so sorry, and no; I’m never coming back again.
I would, I would, I would take you with me if I could.
I’m going there; up there… yes, they say it’s the biggest sin, the highest hubris.
But it’s where I belong. Not here.
You’re the only family I have who hasn’t tried to stop me from being who I am.
Maybe. But you’re eight. You get the benefit of the doubt.


A noise.


39: I’ve got to– Maya… whatever happens: be who you want to be.
No. I can’t stay for breakfast.

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