Jun 10

Air Canada – B-

I’m writing this on the second leg of a flight to Toronto from Tokyo.  I am doing so because a) the seat has a power outlet for my tablet PC, and b) because the in-flight entertainment is not so great.


On the first leg of the journey, I took my usual watch-as-many-movies-as-possible approach, but found two hiccups in that plan:

  1. This month’s movie selections are not that great.  What I ended up watching: The Wolfman (C-), The Book of Eli (starts as a B+, drops to a D- in the last act), Percy Jackson & The Olympians (C), Dorian Grey (B), and the National Film Board’s Blackflies animated short (A+).
  2. The system is goddamn annoying!  When you start playing any item over 10 minutes long, the system forces you to sit through about seven minutes of ads.  It’s bad enough that you can’t fast forward them like you can on other airlines, but you also can’t adjust the volume.  Which means that if the volume is at max (mine was) before you watch your first movie, the adverts blast your ears.

Rest of the flight:


Food = tolerable.

Cabin crew = friendly and nice.  Points deducted for not asking the guy sitting next to me to turn off his PSP during takeoff and landing.  The crew on the second leg did this, but he pulled it out again right after takeoff, while we were still climbing.


Okay, I’m bored of this now.  I will watch another bad movie.

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