May 21

Document Panic

So, moments before I was supposed to go out the door to head into Tokyo to sign the documents, I notice a missed call on my cell phone from the bank.  I return the call, and it’s just my rep reminding me which documents to bring, none of which I have… and beyond that, none of which I was told I would require!


At first, my rep says that he emailed the list to me, but a quick search of gmail turns up nothing of the sort.  Then he says we must have discussed it on the phone, but given that I scrupulously write down everything he says, I know this is not the case either.


In the end, he tells me we can still go ahead with the mortgage documents today and I can send the other stuff in at least a day before the final settlement.


Of course, in the meantime, I’ve wasted precious minutes searching for the one document that I do have, but can’t find because I don’t know where my wife put it (not her fault, she didn’t know I was going to need it today), so I may be late for the signing.


The bank has been great, and my rep is super friendly, but I’m sure it’s not just me dropping balls here.



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