Mar 28

Bibs, Bibs, Everywhere

I've got some really generous friends. My friend +Kara MaruMaru gave me a stroller, a playpen, a changing pad, a baby backpack and more on Tuesday. Then, yesterday, my sister-in-law dropped off three enormous bags and one plastic box of baby clothes, including… wait for it… more than 15 bibs!

People with babies: you need to tell me, is it necessary to have more than two or three? (bibs, not babies)


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  1. Jon Southurst
    Jon Southurst

    Your baby will probably go through an intense drooling phase where you're changing bibs every hour, but it's quite short-term.

    PS: Kara's playpen is pretty nifty, we had it before & you'll need it once the kid starts moving around the house of its own accord.

  2. James Watt
    James Watt

    You have a baby? What kind? Did you steal or make it? Either way,

  3. Andrew Woolner
    Andrew Woolner

    +James Watt Not yet. 6 weeks to go before the papoose pops out.

  4. James Watt
    James Watt

    Got it. I'll take back my congrats now so I can give them again when the baby is born.

  5. Emily

    You may need LOTS of bibs!! Eph was a big drooler…sopping wet and had to wear bibs all day for a while. Annie, not as much. But once your baby starts eating then bibs are crucial!

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