Jan 24

Oh fuck

Just spent ~4 hours chasing down a discrepancy between YTG's general ledger and the final budget for the last semester of classes. Finally determined that I'd overcharged a student by 6000 Yen last term.

I called her, and she was happy enough to get the money back, but I felt like a total douche. I really wish I had someone else to handle the books for me. Every time I think I'm on top of them, I screw something new up.

So much for getting it all in order today… still have a pile of receipts and invoices to plow through. Will have to be tomorrow, I guess.

I wish arts administrators were as cheap as us artists. All this gobbledygook keeps me away from MAKING STUFF. GOD DAMN. I JUST WANT TO CREATE! NNNNNNNAAAARRRRRGGGGG!


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