Aug 08

Shitty Curry

Went to see an art show at Higure 17-15 cas near Nippori station.  Cool stuff.


After the show, one of the few restaurants that was still open with a set deal was this Indian place close to the station called ‘Darjeeling Palace’.


The atmosphere is great.  It’s obviously been decorated with 100% authentic furniture probably shipped at great expense from India.  There’s a huge-screen TV at the front playing songs from Indian movies, and, unusually, the sound heard in the restaurant is actually coming from what we’re seeing on the screen.


And that’s where the fun stops.


Our water was brought in beautiful metal cups… that tasted like you were drinking out of an eaves trough.


Both Kumiko and I ordered the Shrimp curry set with lassi.


The lassi was the best part of it, and even that wasn’t anything to write home about, so I won’t.


The naan was also edible, but consisted of a smaller portion than we’re used to seeing in Japan.  Tastewise, not terrible, just not special.


The worst curry I’ve had in Japan tasted like dirty dishwater.  The curry at Darjeeling Palace was not the worst curry I’ve ever had: it only tasted like clean dishwater.  The shrimp in it were overcooked and lacked the texture that characterises that shellfish.  Which is weird, because since I moved to Japan and started eating shrimp again, I have never tasted anything like that.  Of course, taste is the wrong word, as they were utterly taste-less.


The curry itself could best be described as yellow.  It had a taste reminiscent of a sink full of hot water, half a stick of butter, and a squeeze of lemon.  It wasn’t bad as a dipping sauce of the anaemic naan bread, but on its own it was simply blech.


All in all, a disappointing lunch to an otherwise lovely afternoon looking at art and tooling around Nippori.

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