Sep 05

A Plea to People Who Support Theatre

Photo by John Matthews

Photo by John Matthews

Some of you might be aware that I’m doing a show. This is true. You can see info about it here: http://ytg.jp/en/shows-en/upcoming-shows-en/494-fullgamut-en

As any of you doing small, independent theatre (especially here in Japan) know, we’re stuck in a financial model that requires us to build out from our friends, family, and the arts communities that we’re associated with, both here in Japan, and around the world. This means that the very people we should be giving free access to are the ones we rely on the most for support right now. I’m not going to bemoan this state of affairs, as I’m very much in favour of the democratization of media in general, but it’s still a fact of life for small-scale theatre and many other arts.

So, my plea is in two parts:

1. Please support me and the work that I do. Buy a ticket. If you’re not local, or you want more inexpensive access to our shows, events, and videos, join our Patreon campaign at https://patreon.com/ytg

2. If you are going to buy a ticket please, please, please reserve your tickets now! Don’t wait until the last minute! Don’t make me sweat until the show starts that the cast and crew will outnumber the audience. This is about the money, yes— I don’t want the show to lose money and stop me from doing the next one— but it’s mostly about not wanting to perform an amazing show that we’ve worked on since March to an empty house.

Look, I know we’re all busy people in Tokyo, but it means so much to have those bookings as early as possible. You can always email the box office and change your booking if you need to. Just let us know that you’re coming.

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