Dec 31

Obligatory Rambly New Year Post

I guess I should make some kind of end-of-year blog entry. The trouble is having the time to do it right. I work from home, so holidays are not holidays. They are like semi-normal work days with a wife and child to distract me constantly. I do not need any help being distracted. I’m good enough at doing that on my own, thank you very much.

I’m also a little bit year-reviewed out. I sent out a family email newsletter for the first time every (yes, I am truly a family man dad type now), and a lot of stuff I could think of to write here would be a re-tread of that. I’m not much for writing the same thing twice under normal circumstances.

20141231_211239Pretty good year, all told. I don’t have my own theatre yet; I’m not even making my living from doing theatre yet, but I completed new major projects this year, one of which will be having a public performance at the end of March. I’ve got two and a half ideas also brewing for the next show after that, but it’s all going to depend on whether I can get the collaborators I want.

My son went from being a barely-crawling infant to a fully toddling toddler. He’s still pretty much pre-verbal, but he understands quite a bit of what’s said to him, in Japanese and English– which I find heartening, since he’s at hoikuen most days and I’m the only one who speaks English to him. Super! He may require a few months’ stay in Canada in the future to force him to actually speak it, but it’s great to know that his comprehension is good.

This is also the age where children apparently start understanding stuff. For the past few weeks, I’ve been able to reason with him to some degree. “Do you want to play with your toy? Yes? Okay, but we’re going to change your diaper first, okay?” is an example. He doesn’t want to do something; I figure out what he wants to do; I outline the steps between now and doing what he wants to do; I get his assent; we do it. I’m sure this is just a temporary golden age of reason before he gets into a “no” phase, but I’m really enjoying it. For once, I’m better at doing something child-related than my wife, and I’m going to thrill in that for as long as it lasts.

Is that enough yet?

My project for the last week of 2014 (bleeding into this year as well) has been to add more storage to my homebrew NAS. Finished the hardware setup a couple of days ago (an old pair of 2TB drives in an external case connected to the NAS by USB 3.0), and have just about finished the data-juggling from zfs pool to zfs pool to make best use of the space. Mostly this is because of the amount of video that YTG has started to generate (500GB in 2014 alone). I’ve started shooting more of the shows (or rather roping someone into shooting the shows) in a more professional way, which means multiple HD cameras. A 90 minute show can generate in excess of 100GB of raw data from the cameras, so I’ve decided to dedicate most of the largest pool (3TB) to the video files.

Enough yet?

I’ve also started journal-writing. My dad kept a journal from the time he was 19 until a few months before his death(there was an earlier one too, apparently, but he destroyed it when he was in his late teens). I’ve decided to start writing regular journal entries as well, with more of a mind to creating a family history document for my son’s generation. So far I’ve been pretty good about it, but we’ll see if I keep it up during the year. I’ll be slowing copying my father’s entries into the new document and adding commentary and annotations.


Okay. Now. That’s enough.

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