Sep 20

Open Letter to Companies Who Ship Internationally

Hello, company. Thank you for accepting my money for your goods and offering to ship to Japan. However, if your only shipping option is UPS or FedEx, you can go fuck yourself. I don’t care how badly I need something, UPS and FedEx are such absolute shit for shipping to Japan, I haven’t used them in years.

Also, in regards to the company that inspired me to write this: $32 shipping on a $8 item that fits in a smaller box than an iPhone and weighs less than an 8-pack of crayons? Plus the box will arrived dinged-up, opened, and the delivery company may try to wring no-existent customs fees out of me? Go. Fuck. Your. Self.

Shipping an item worth less than $50 from the U.S.? I’ll take USPS, please. No, I don’t give a shit about tracking, or rather, it’s not worth the $25+ price difference.

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