Jan 18

ただいま! Yokohama Bound

I type this aboard the bus from Narita to YCAT with the low-hanging sun shining directly in my eyes. I am back in Japan after more than six weeks in Canada to deal with the aftermath of my father's sudden death this past November.

I was so busy that it really hadn't hit me until a couple of days ago just how eager I was getting to be in my own home once again. The family farmstead in Kitchener is a home to me, but it's still my mother's home, and while I can feel welcome there, and was quite sad to leave it after spending nearly three weeks there, it's not the same as getting back to my house. And my wife, of course.

Despite being busy, what did I actually accomplish? Along with my mother, I wrapped up a bunch of paperwork related to my father. I also scanned thousands of pages of personal papers, which I will be curating over the next few years/decades. I wrote my first serious song in nearly 10 years– about Aaron Swartz's death, of all things. I'll be releasing a rough recording of that soon.

I also finally wrote and recorded and shot the video one of the five songs I need to make videos for to finally fulfill my obligations to people who contributed to the fall indiegogo campaign for YTG. Another song is written with a rough recording made, but I'm still waiting for some photos from the person who commissioned it.

Yikes. I think that might be it. I won't list the things I didn't do (which includes two scripts I was supposed to finish drafting), because that list is endless. 

But no rest for the wicked: tonight I will be sending out personal emails to flog the YTG theatre classes that begin this Saturday.

And yet… happy to be back, even if it means a return to my obligations. (Among them, the obligation to lose the 4 kilograms I put on in Canada thanks to soft living.)


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