Feb 04

Heading Home

After 86 days in Canada, it is time to head home to Yokohama. In that time, my son has gone from six months to eight and a half months. In other words, a mostly inert sleeping airplane baby to a baby who may not take well to sitting on his parents’ laps for a 13 hour flight (mostly through daylight hours, E.S.T.).

The flight here was quite pleasant, and Hammy slept through most of it, but the logistics are different going home: we fly at noon, local time, instead of 17:00. And he was a little too long for the bassinet last time, meaning that he’ll be much too long for it now. I imagine his legs sticking straight up into the air if we try to lay him down in it. Also, when we flew here, his only movement was an occasional roll-over. Now, he’s used to crawling from room to room and pursuing different toys (or power cords, or expensive cameras, etc…).

Kumiko’s _IMG_2220


<— This is the baby we left Japan with.Mmmph! 



And this is the baby we are coming home with     —>






Hmm. I guess that doesn’t really prove my point at all.

In any case, I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed, something I haven’t done since the week Hammy was born. (We moved up to the tatami room and slept there until we left Japan, but now that he’s crawling, we’re thinking the playpen in our bedroom may be safer for him and for our shoji.)

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