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Sep 11

Right Category

Again from Singapore 2008…



Maybe I’ve got this in the wrong category, because sadly, I DO understand this.


I think ALL countries should have an “Aim Well” campaign.

Sep 11

Hor Fun and…?

Another one from my 2008 Singapore trip.



There’s nothing better than a big bowl of porridge after some hor fun.

Sep 11

But Isn’t That what It’s For?

From my trip to Singapore last year:



No dumping in the toilet?!  What kind of crazy country is this?  I need to dump in the trash can?


Well, I guess that explains why we call it ‘”dung”… it’s the sound of dumping in a trash can.

Aug 01

It’s so Weird, it Gives Me A…



Used electronics store chain.  Part of the Book-Off family of stores.  This one is in Saitama, near Minami-Sakurai.

Jul 30

Not only in Japan

This one comes from Finland.Kunto


I’m not sure how well this brand would sell in Canada.

Jul 30




Yes, this is where I wish to keep all my innermost secrets.  Or, perhaps, my secrets that are most inner.  Or, my deepest secrets?  Or my secrets deepest in pitch?  I could go on forever… (or run on forever, if you prefer)

Jul 30

Mothar vs. Godzilla

Engrish on Mothars Day



I actually tried to explain the error to the women who ran this booth (they had it spelled correctly elsewhere), but, alas, they didn’t understand.

Jul 30

Flagrant Use of Engrish

Flagrant Engrish


This photo was taken in April 2004 near one of the pharmacies near my house.  That sign is still there to this day.