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Sep 18

Builders are worse than Actors

Holy crap, the renovators are really superstitious.


I think I wrote earlier about how they chose the day to make the contract and start work based on good luck days of the religious calendar (I think it’s the Buddhist calendar that chooses them, but I could be wrong).  Well, apparently the conclusion of the contract was also important… as was the day we were going to move.  Which is weird, because it doesn’t really affect the renovators at all.


Tsukide-san told us that our selected moving date (this coming Monday) was okay, but that Friday would be a much better date.  Because of that, we’d thought about sleeping at the house last night.  But we didn’t.  In that case, he suggested, we should bring an item to the house that we use every day (he gave the example of a kettle) so that the house would think we had moved in.  So I carried over our big frying pan yesterday.


Oh, and then on Wednesday, we also did the house blessing thing: salt and sake at each corner of the house (careful! don’t go clockwise!).


Why did we play along?  I considered doing my eye rolling no-fucking-way bit, but the part of me that has learned to ‘preserve harmony’ ruled that out.  Also, I had this vision of Tsukide-san and the builders being kept up at night with remorse after my wife and I were crushed in an earthquake because they hadn’t made sure the gods were on our side.


A good reason to go along with superstition?  I don’t know.  But there it is.