Feb 13

Exterior – Day Seven

Day five and day six were no-gos.  The weather was rainy and snowy, so no work got done.  But on the morning of the the seventh day, I answered the door in my red bathrobe and walked around the building consulting with Tsukide-san about the work.


A few hours later, the carpenters arrived to begin their work.


Exterior Renovations - Day 7

As you can see, there was more painting done on Friday after I left.  The blue over the window and the metal shutter box have been done.


Exterior Renovations - Day 7 

This is a shot looking straight up from right beside the front door.  The carpenters put in that metal cover (and the hole underneath) today.  It’s so our second floor crawlspace can vent properly and prevent rotting from humid air building up there.  Until now, URBAN had suggested to us to open the second floor windows as much as possible in order to accomplish the same thing.


Exterior Renovations - Day 7 

The white areas just above the window frames will be redone in blue (although the areas under the window covers will remain white).  Also, you can’t see it very well in any of these photos, but the carpenters replaced several areas of wood that had started to rot really badly.


Exterior Renovations - Day 7

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