Sep 26

The Move

On September 19, we moved house.  We still haven’t said goodbye completely to the Kamiooka Rental House; we do that today when we go back to find out how much of our 180,000 yen deposit we get back.  But more on that in a later entry.


In the days before we moved, we told Tsukide-san from URBAN about the problems I wrote about earlier.  We got some of them fixed (the painting, more or less; the cut marks around the kitchen outlets, the holes in the side of the house), and some of them excused with a “sho ga nai” (a lot of the non-level issues has to do with the walls and floors not being quite level).


We were up all night on the 18th, finishing our packing.  We slept for about two hours, and then woke up an hour before the movers were due to arrive.  When they did, I hopped on my bike and cycled over to the Kamiooka Tea House to await the first load.


We were told that the house could be done in three loads and that they would be finished by 12:00.  In actuality, it took four loads (they called in an extra crew to help), and they weren’t finished until 16;15.  They didn’t charge us extra.


So, the house was filled with boxes, and we have spent the last week unpacking them.  I’ve done the bulk of it, and I’ve managed to whittle down the boxes to about ten or fifteen remaining, spread through the Tatami room upstairs and about seven still downstairs (a couple of those are empty: we’re using them to block off the part of the living room window that the curtain is too short to cover.


I cleaned out my office first: I desperately needed that set up so I could attend to the myriad of tasks I had fallen behind on (and couldn’t do comfortably on my tablet PC while sitting on a bunch of boxes).


The unpacking method has been this: pick a room, and take everything out of the boxes, putting everything in a temporary location at least.  Anything that doesn’t belong in that room then must get shifted to another room.  I used this method on my office, the kitchen, and I’ve almost finished the living room (the biggest problem there being the sheer amount of papers my wife has).

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