Jun 06

Kamiooka Death Trap

I’m sitting in the new house with my wife and a rep from Yokohama city, who is just completing his inspection of the house for an earthquake evaluation.


I am changing the name of this house from the Kamiooka Tea House to the Kamiooka Death Trap.  We didn’t pass a single part of the inspection.  The inspector suggested that if we were hit by an Earthquake the size of Kobe’s in 1995, the house would come down in about seven seconds.


On the plus side, we could collect the insurance.


On the minus side, there’s a good chance we’d be dead.


I think we’re going to re-prioritize what we’re spending our limited renovation money on.


As a side note: yes, you can get an inspection before you buy a house, but the owners need to sign off on it… and they never do.  I wonder why.

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