Jun 02

The Rose Rides Again

At the closing yesterday, Friendly informed us that the rose bush had been returned.



However, it is not in the condition depicted in the photo above.  As I wrote before, the neighbour across the street had taken it, and in the process had cut off all the branches, leaving only two thorny stems sticking out of the pot.


I felt a little guilty about it: I guess I showed too much reaction when I discovered it on the neighbour’s property (not much at all: I thought I’d pretended to be cool very well) and so Friendly and the other owners negotiated its return.  I had actually come to terms with losing it, and I really hope that its return doesn’t sour relations with said neighbours.  And of course, I’m not in a position to give it back, because after the trouble everyone’s gone through, that would be rude.


All of which puts me under immense pressure to nurse the bush back to its former glory with my less-than-adequate gardening skills.  The eyes of the neighbourhood and the former owners (did I mention that one of the brothers (Sleepy) lives just a few minutes away?)  Halp!

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