Jun 01

I Own A House Now

This morning my wife took the day off and we headed down to the bank for the settlement.  (I didn’t have to take a day off—one of the great advantages of working irregular hours out of the house.)


We stopped in at a Starbucks an hour before we were due and met with a fellow from the post office to sign our life insurance papers.  My wife chatted with him until about five to eleven, at which point we hurried across the street to the building that the bank is in.


As always, the owner was there early.  It was Friendly by himself.  Luckily for the bank, the other three (plus the woman, who we discovered was the wife of the youngest son, the one I called Sleepy, despite the fact that she sat across from him instead of beside him that day) weren’t there, so we were all able to cram into the tiny meeting room.


All told there were eight of us:


My wife



A Japanese bank rep

The Lawyer/Scrivener (I think her name was Risa)


The seller’s agent and her cookie box



I stamped a few documents with my jitsuin, filled out three transfer forms (one for each seller), and then we waited for the transfers to go through.  At one point, about ten minutes after Hank had supposedly started the transfers, the door cracked open and a bank employee stuck her head in.


“Should we send the money now?” she asked.


Only Hank, the lawyer, and myself caught what she said, and we had a good laugh after he confirmed that it was indeed for the purpose of sending the money that he had given her the money transfer forms.


Other humour: the seller’s agent once again dressed in designer clothes, brandished her Louis Vutton meishi holder… and had her blue cookie tin with all her items.


In the interest of curbing the length of these posts, I’ll bring this to a close.  Once the transfers went through, we paid the remaining fees:

  • Hirasawa-san’s remaining fee (we’d paid half at the contract signing)
  • The fee to the scrivener for her services registering the mortgage and building (actually, due to a .42 square meter increase in the size of the property when measured by the surveyors, the fee went up by 3000 Yen, but she discounted it back down for us)
  • The reimbursement for the registration of the second floor to Hirasawa-san/Mitsui Re-house, who had pre-paid the registration fee for the second floor in order to hurry it along

And then we all bowed and went our separate ways.

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